Should ICO’s Announce Their Conference Participation via Press Release? (Catalyst Global)

In a recent LinkedIn post, David Collins of Catalyst IR discussed a question a client asked him – “Should We Announce Our Conference Participation via Press Release?

The answer is very different for microcaps and large-caps and for ICO’s.

According to Collins; “For small-, micro- and nano-cap companies, issuing a press release about your conference participation is a smart way to leverage your investment of resources and management time to participate, and can only increase your potential for reaching new or less-engaged investors.

The short answer is – YES!

Three benefits of announcing conference participation via a press release include;

– Demonstrates that you are getting out and meeting with investors.

– You can also use the release to direct investors to an updated or current PowerPoint or other IR materials – as well as to remind them of what you do or any particular valuation attributes.

– The sponsoring firm will appreciate your creating greater visibility for their brand and event.

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