Imigize Upcoming Token Sale. (BGN) Blockchain Global News Anchor Jane King interviews representatives of the Imigize Group; Valery g. Chernik – CEO, Mike Tchernik – Director, Sean Brizendine – Board of Advisors

Imigize overview The issue of a proper size selection of shoes and clothes when buying online is a major obstacle to the dynamic development of the online market of clothing and footwear and the cause of distrust towards online shopping among consumers. We’ve created a digital service that allows you remotely, with high precision to try-on shoes and clothes from online stores. The innovative technology of Imigize contactless fitting makes the concept of “size” irrelevant to online shopping, allowing, based on 3D anthropometric data, purchase these products with convenience and ease. We convert all the online stores into one decentralized system of data exchange with universal profiles of buyers protected by the blockchain technology and tokens as a reward for direct interaction between online stores and customers.