Adding Galaxy Digital (BRPHD and GLXY.V) $1.89US to Watch List. 

July 30, 2018 — Galaxy Digital Founder & Chief Executive Officer Mike Novogratz talks about the challenges of listing shares of his crypto merchant bank in Canada, expansion plans, profitability and prospects for Bitcoin. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker on BNN Bloomberg in Toronto.

2018-08-24 Chart. Charting is a little hard to read from most technical portals, it however, started trading at $2.80 on the Toronto on August 1st 2018, which is equivalent to $2.15 in the US. Today it’s trading at $2.45 in Canada and $1.89 in the US. First trades in the US were after the 20th of August.

BRPHD in the US and GLXY in Canada.

We’ll officially call it our favorite Crypto idea at $1.89 for the coming year adding it to our Block Chain Stock Review Watch List just before the close on a quiet Friday,

Mike Novogratz and Galaxy Digital (BRPHD) @ $1.89 (US). Main listing on TSX, symbol (GLXY) $2.44 (CA).

IPO’d 8/1 at roughly $2.15 (US).

We’ll work up a basic report this weekend. Did initial raise with institutional investors @ $5.00 raising around $300 million via GMP Securities (all Canadian).

So much for ‘retail’ getting locked out of all the ‘best’ institutional deals. This is a triple-barreled opportunity in our opinion. Still getting our feet wet in the wild, wild west, we should have our email server up by Sunday.