Charles Nader, CEO of Docademic (MTC) a listed token, will be filming in the “Exploring The Block” NYC studios on Thursday, May 31st, 2018. Nader calls Docademic, “..possibly one of the best applications of Blockchain in the world.”

On May 27th, in a rare issuance of short-term price targets, Docademics was listed with a $2.50 price target by Mid-July no less by John McAfee an advisor to the Company. Docademic chart ($0.30 on 5/30/18)

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FMW Media Works Corp. produces the “Exploring the Block” program which highlights the ever-evolving blockchain industry and the companies utilizing this technology and impacting our lives.

Docademic is currently providing free basic healthcare in over 20 countries through telemedicine with the aid of blockchain technology. Their aim is to learn how they are effectively changing the healthcare delivery model.

“Docademic is possibly one of the best applications of Blockchain in the world. Not only do we offer a form of free basic healthcare for the world, we also will enable scientific research of healthcare data of masses which will help us in building an AI healthcare supercomputer. Combined these factors will change the world,” stated Charles Nader CEO and Founder.

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The monthly “Exploring the Block” segment will feature James Sowers as a co-anchor. James is an experienced angel investor, featured speaker and blockchain strategy advisor. He is also a contributor to well-known blockchain publications and has been featured in other well known financial publications. He is also a mentor at Stanford for CS359B at Stanford Designing Decentralized Applications on Blockchain.

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