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Important Facts on The State of Bitcoin! Don’t Miss This (TradingView).

..the triangle is large enough to TECHNICALLY produce a fall to zero. Now, I’m sure a million people will get their panties in a...

We’re Bored on the Sidelines, but Ready to Pounce.

It can get ugly, even from here. So the folly of the HODL strategy for any tradeable market is being painfully proven for those who...

Top Secret: Who is Dominating Googles Search Results (ViperChill).

How 16 Companies are Dominating the World’s Google Search Results In the Academy Award-nominated film Food Inc, filmmaker Robert Kenner reveals how the varied choice of...

Bitcoin Bear DuJour – Hilarious (TradingView).

Must read the whole article at TradingView, so funny. Unless you got long @ $20,000 and have been HODL'ing. Number of people that know about...

“All Clear” Sign for Crypto’s Coming from Fidelity (CNBC)? Hmm.

Part of the risk in cryptocurrency investing, which experts say has largely barred institutions from embracing these digital assets, is how to prevent them...