Bitcoin Bear DuJour – Hilarious (TradingView).

Must read the whole article at TradingView, so funny. Unless you got long @ $20,000 and have been HODL’ing.

Number of people that know about Bitcoin: The exact or even approximate number is unknown, but it is several billion (75% of Americans now for example, europe is somewhere in the same boat probably more from what I have seen).

Number of people that have invested in Bitcoin -0.44% and are waiting for it to go up to sell and buy “a lambo”: We are up to about 10% of americans (30 million). There are tons in Korea, China, Europe too. A UK poll showed that 5% of millenials have money into Bitcoin -0.44% . According to bitinfocharts 2 million adresses have more than $1000 in to this day. Coinbase has 13 million users.

Who owns most Bitcoin: A few whales that got in below $1000 (down 85% from current price) hold around half of the supply. 1000 addresses possess 40% BTC -0.44% . Out of 5 million that have more than 0.001 Bitcoin -0.44% this represents 0.02%. Their intentions, of course, are not known.

Who uses Bitcoin?: 2.9 to 5.8 million active bitcoin -0.44% users according to a Cambridge University study. It is not specified how many of those are speculators and how many actually buy stuff. 200.000- 250.000 daily transactions.

What is the mainstream media ( aka -0.13% idiots) opinion of Bitcoin?: Oh this is the greatest revolution humankind has ever known. Blockchain (they have no clue what it actually is or how it works) is an amazing tech. Renowned economists, researchers, phd’s do not share this opinion.

Interest in Bitcoin: On tradingview, to this day, Bitcoin -0.44% ideas alone get several times (at least 3) the number of views for all currencies, looking at most popular page 1 for each. On social networks I always lose the link to sites to check that, but I know there is a lot of interest for crypto’s. Worse example is poor /biz that got overrun by cryptoers, no one is talking about business or stocks, it’s only crypto all day long every day. So to sum up: EXTREMELY HIGH.

How does the chart look like: VERY BAD. Do I need to explain? XD It looks worse than the tulip bubble chart.

How good is the tech as of now?: Expensive, very buggy (there are more bugs than words in the code I think lol), does not scale (yet?). Just plain AWFUL for now.